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Bark-less Blocks 36 pcs

Bark-less Blocks 36 pcs

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36 pcs set of bark-less blocks.  They are made in Vietnam where the bark slips off the local tropical wood more easily than the hardwoods of N. America.  The wood comes from sustainable forests.  This set has 36 pcs consisting of precisely cut unit blocks in heights of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10cm and comes in a beautifully embroidered fabric sack.  The blocks can be combined with other unit block building toys.  The blocks have no coating or other finish.


Bring nature into your home and introduce your child to the look, feel and smell of real wood.  Pre-schoolers and early graders will love the natural look of these blocks, along with the endless play opportunities.  A creative, active and educational toy, all in one. Construction activities help with problem solving and co-ordination skills.


“Blocks are one of the best long-term smart-play investments you can make” Stevanne Auerbach, PhD in her book Dr Toy’s Smart Play Smart Toys.


    3 yrs and above.


    The blocks are safety tested by a third-party testing company.  It is important that you check the blocks regularly for rough patches and cracks. A light sanding will bring back their original smooth finish.

  • CARE

    Store in a dry place.  Clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry thoroughly.

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