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Boat and Dock

Boat and Dock


½” scale boat and dock.  A great accessory for the dolls and tree houses. 


It does not come with the dolls shown in the picture.


Bring nature into your home and introduce your child to the look, feel and smell of real wood. 


“Real, fantasy, and play experiences help the learning process.  Playing supports and nourishes cognitive, social and emotional development.” Stevanne Auerbach, PhD in her book Dr Toy’s Smart Play Smart Toys.


    3 yrs and above.


    The boat and dock is safety tested by a third-party testing company.  It is important that you check for rough patches and cracks. Bark can loosen and create a choking hazard.

  • CARE

    Store in a dry place.  Clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry thoroughly.

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