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Build A Treehouse

Build A Treehouse

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A beautiful and imaginative take on the classic doll’s house, this 4-level tree house comes partly assembled.  It comes with lots of wonderful extras including a crane and load, retractable stairs, rope ladder, water well, bucket on a pulley, and blocks and pegs to make a lovely spiral stairs. The Build A Treehouse was designed to encourage children to use their imagination, to role play and to build social skills.  The platforms can be assembled in different ways and the accessories are easily movable.  This simple yet beautiful toy from nature allows a child’s imagination to run wild!  Team the treehouse with Tree Blocks dolls, furniture and other accessories to create a miniature world in nature.


The tree house can be approached from all sides, so friends from play group or school can join in. Children learn even more in a group while they learn to share and take turns.


Comes with full assembly instructions and stands around 24” tall once put together.


Bring nature into your home and introduce your child to the look, feel and smell of real wood. 


“Real, fantasy, and play experiences help the learning process. Playing supports and nourishes cognitive, social and emotional development.” Stevanne Auerbach, PhD in her book Dr Toy’s Smart Play Smart Toys.

  • CARE

    Store in a dry place.  Clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry thoroughly.


    The tree house is safety tested by a third-party testing company.  It is important that you check for rough patches and cracks. A light sanding should resolve these.


    3 yrs and above.


    Build-A-Treehouse/Tree Fort Kit Assembly Guidelines

    Read and Download

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